Sunday, January 29, 2006

Kate Spade

Sorry it has taken me this long to get back to business. I am finally back in the swing of things and able to once again enter the blogosphere! But anyway, down to the fun stuff. As I promised in my last post, I am going to do a celebrity showcase. The first person I want to talk about is the ever wonderful, ever beautiful, Kate Spade! I had a request to do a post on her and I thought it was an excellent suggestion. I love her beautiful, feminine, and sophisticated style.

These are great shoes. They would look really adorable with a little flowy skirt. The chunky heel is really coming in style this spring. Also, this green color is springy and refreshing! If you aren't a fan of green, they also come in black. Plus, the real clincher is that they are now on sale for 50% off!! Kate Spade

These shoes are so feminine and cute. They are perfect for spring and summer. I would wear these shoes with a cute skirt or even cropped pants. You should check them out because they are on sale!! Kate Spade

I know that I have featured these before (see rainy day post) but I just can't help doing it again! They are cute and functional. These wellies are totally weather proof. I got a pair for Christmas and I am obsessed with them. Rain may be able to ruin your hair but it doesn't have to inhibit your fashion! And, guess what!? They too are on sale! Kate Spade

I like the shape of this bag. It is different than most purses you see. It is small enough to be portable but large enough to hold all of the typical purse accessories! It is lined with tweed for durability. Plus, I love the peach and brown. I know this might sound silly but brown is the new black. The color brown with blue, pink, peach, etc. accents is really in style right now! Kate Spade

This is a Kate Spade lap top case that is on sale!! What more could you possibly want! I know that I hate lugging my computer around but I don't think I would mind so much if I had this adorable bag! Kate Spade

These sunglasses are perfect for reading at the beach. They are nice and big so that you don't have to squint at the pages in the sunlight! UV protection and totaly hottie status! This is a win win situation. lol. Kate Spade

When I think of planing/planners, I usually think of giant, boring black binders, but that isn't how the world has to be!!! Kate Spade has an array of adorable planners so that you can stay organized and stylish at the same time! Kate Spade

Kate Spade also has a complete line of stationary! These are some blank invitations that you could use for a birthday bash, wedding shower, etc. She also has thank you notes, place cards, and blank stationary. Kate Spade

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of my Designer Showcase. If you have any designers you want me to feature, please just let me know! Have an awesome day!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Designer Showcase

I decided to do another series of posts just like I did on th 80's. Except this time, I want to showcase different designers. Trust me, I understand that logos aren't everything. But I want to present some of my favorite pieces by a few designers that I think are top notch. No, I'm not talking Gucci or Versace. I am thinking Ralph Lauren/Polo, Isaac Mizrahi, etc. Designers that have really posh items but also have lines that we can afford. If there are any designers you especially want to see, let me know! I would love to take requests for these posts. Here is a little preview of the designers that I am already planning to blog about.

**Isaac Mizrahi**: In recent years, Isaac Mizrahi went from your average top line designer to having an overwhelmingly successful line at Target to hosting his own show in Style Network.

These shoes are really cute. Also, for all you flats lovers out there, they aren't too tall!! (Target)

**Ralph Lauren**: He has several different lines for women ranging from red carpet worthy gowns to your average polo shirt!

This jacket is adorable and warm. Plus, right now it is on sale! Check it out. (Polo)

**Mossimo Giannulli**: Isaac Mizrahi isn't the only top designer working for target. Mossimo started with a small shop and turned it into a huge success. Now his line is also sold at Target!

I love the grey/silver mixed with the black. You don't often see that combo in this type of top. Plus, it is really affordable! (Target)

These are my top three picks for my affordable designer showcase. Let me know what you think!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

New Years Hot-ness!

The biggest party night of the year is quickly approaching! Whether you are taking a night on the town or keeping it casual with someone special, I know everyone wants to look their best. Personally, I love getting dressed up for New Year's Eve because it is an excuse to wear blinged out clothes. I am a sucker for shiny clothes, shoes, and accessories. If it has sequins, I am sold! Some may say that I am gaudy. Personally, I prefer to think that I tastefully vibrant. But I think that we can all agree that shiny objects are a must to celebrate the new year. Here are some fun items that will ensure that you maximize your personal hotness this New Years Eve!

This dress is really fun. You can wear it out dancing or to dinner. The cut of the dress is really flattering to most body types. It is made to show of curves but not hug them too tightly! Plus, you don't even need a strapless bra. Wherever you decide to wear this number, you can bet on the fact that you will turn heads! (Nordstrom)

The great thing about this skirt is that it can fit in anywhere, it all depends on the shoes and top you wear with it. If you wear a plungy, curve hugging top then you are ready for the clubs. With a tasteful black sweater, this skirt is perfect for an elegant dinner with whomever you deem worthy of your presence! It has just enough sparkle to make it New Year's worthy but not so much that you are going to blind someone. If bling isn't your thing but you want to stand out on New Year's, this is the skirt for you! (Betsey Johnson)

Caution: this shirt could result in turned heads and whistles! This shirt is (to quote Paris) so hot! It is definitely made to accentuate the assets, if you know what I mean. However, for you fortunate women out there that are more endowed than the rest of us, please don't choose this shirt! The last thing you want is to bring in the new year with, as Janet calls it, a "wardrobe malfunction". Dress and drink responsibly ladies! (BCBG at Nordstrom)

Personally, I don't think that anyone can go wrong with a hot red top. I would pair this with some tight, dark wash jeans or a fun black skirt. If you really want to go all out, add some read lip stick. I know that right now half of you are thinking that red lipstick is meant for old ladies and the other half are thinking that it is meant for hookers (odd combo of people)! I am here to tell you that red lips are hot! Go for it! (BCBG at Nordstrom)

These shoes are so awesome. They are shiny, which is a must for New Year's Eve. But, also, they have a platform which means they aren't as hard to walk in as you think. There is some height added under your toe, not just in the heal like pumps and stilettos. This genius design gives the illusion that you are very talented at walking in high heels when, in reality, you aren't! They are just high enough to give your butt/leg region that toned look without making you feel like you will fall over!! (Steve Madden)

I chose these shoes because they are a great buy! Chinese Laundry is a great brand of shoes that is often overlooked. I will admit, they aren't the cheapest shoes. However, this pair of shoes has gold, silver, and bronze hues so you can wear them with practically any outfit! If you are gonna buy shoes for New Year's, you might as well buy a pair you can get a lot of use out of! (Chinese Laundry)

I know I know, this is ridiculously gaudy. But hey, it is the one night of the year you can get away with it. Plus, diamonds are a girl's best friend!! It is inexpensive and really fun, kinda like costume jewelry. Live a little! New Year's Eve only comes once a year and what is a blingin' outfit without a little icing?! (Claire's)

Regardless of what you wear and what you do, I hope y'all have an amazing New Year's Eve. Just please be safe when driving! Not to sound like a total mom, but have a designated driver so you can live to be the cool mom and tell your kids about the things you used to do on New Year's! Be safe and God bless!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Shop for You!

I am so excited to get back to blogging. It has been a prolonged break but I am now here to stay. You better get excited cuz I am! Well, my first order of business is to wish y'all a happy holiday season. I know I am a little late for Chrismahannaquanzica but I am just in time for the post holiday sales. So down to business. What are you planning to do with the holiday cash from grandma? How about buy something for yourself!! What a novel concept. After spending weeks planning what to get for everyone else, why not splurge on you! Go on, live a little. Here are a few items I found while Christmas shopping that I didn't want to wrap and give to everyone else!

This lip gloss can be found at Estee Lauder. I love it because it enhances whatever lip stick or gloss you already have on, or you can wear it by itself for a nice glossy tint!

This eyeliner from Lancome is really cool. I especially love it in "Glacier". It lightens up your eye and adds a bit of sparkle without reminding you of the glitter from your junior high days! (oh man just got an aweful flash back to my glitter wand eye shadow!) Unfortunately, "Glacier" is a limited time color so grab it soon!

Ok, I will admit that at first I thought the I-Dog was a little creepy but then he danced his way into my heart. This electronic pooch has flashing lights that coorespond to the beat of your music! All you have to do is hook him up to your I-Pod or CD player. Plus, if you feel like being diva-esque, you can buy your I-Dog lots of accessories at Amazon

I saw this while I was shopping with my friend and fell in love with it. Granted, it is a little expensive for a pre-holiday splurge; however, after Christmas... WHY NOT! It has dual functioning of scarf and gloves! What more could you want! (Kate Spade)

This Lacoste shirt from Neiman Marcus is really adorable. It also looks really comfortable and flattering (who doesn't want that after holiday eating!).

I really hope y'all had a great holiday season with your family and friends and don't forget to splurge on yourself a little after the holidays are over. After all that wrapping, cooking, and small talk (think "yes, I love going to college!" and "no, I am sure I will get plenty use out of the reindeer sweater you knit me!") you definately deserve to get a little something for yourself!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Beat the Jeans Blues with Glamour

Swimsuits are no longer my least favorite thing to shop for. Blue jeans pulled ahead a couple weekends ago when I went shopping in New York. I must have tried on at least 20 pairs of jeans (no joke) before I found a pair that fit right. Jeans are hard because each style, brand, and make fit completely different. I think everyone has a problem area that keeps them from finding jeans. Personally, I have trouble finding jeans to fit the boot-ay! Whether it is your long legs, short legs, thick thighs, big butt, no butt, whatever your problem is, you know what I am talking about.

I was reading Glamour the other night and their latest issue is devoted to jeans: how to wear them, where to buy them, what style fits your shape, etc. Here are few exerpts that I thought were great!

Jean To Buy: Glamour chose these jeans for specific body shapes. (I couldn't put in every pair that they recommend- there are tons! If I left out your problem area, pick up a Glamour or look at their website!)

Glamour says that Gap's straight cut jeans are great if you have a boyish shape. (Gap)

Glamour says that True Religion Bobby Jeans are great for pear shapes. These don't look like they are meant for curves but I guess I would have to try them to find out. If anyone has tried these, tell me what you think! (True Religion)

These are supposed to be good if you have a flat butt! They are supposed to lift and make it look like you have a little curve. For those of you that have this problem... I hate you. (just kidding I love everyone!) (Seun Jeans)

Can it be true? Really, truely!! Jeans that are made especially for those of us with a derrier. O life is so sweet! (CB Brand Jeans)

Old Navy's boot cut jeans are supposed to the best jeans for plus size women. The best part is they come in short and long lengths to accomodate any body type! (Old Navy)

Jean Do's: Glamour's picks for the hottest way to wear jeans.

A nice fitting jacket is a great way to jazz up your jeans.

I love this look. I have a hard time finding capri jeans that flatter my body but for people that can pull this off, go for it girl!

Jean Don'ts: A few things not to do with your jeans.

Light jeans are kinda like white pants. MUST BE HANDLED WITH CAUTION!

This isn't very cute either. This woman is really thin but she bought a pair of jeans with too tight of a waistband. Girls, I know its hard, but just go up a size if the waistband is a little squeezy. Don't try to fit in jeans because they are your usual size. I promise, your back view will thank you!

I am really excited about some of the new brands Glamour brought to my attention. Unfortunately, they can be a bit pricey. But, after the trauma of finding 1/20 pairs of jeans, I would pay just about anything to find a good fit. Plus if you have two or three pairs of really good jeans that you wear every day, after a while they will reduce to a couple bucks per wear.

If anyone knows anything about these brands, fits, etc., tell me about it! I love hearing from ya. Till next time, Stay Classy Bloggers! (definately stole that from Ron Bergundy!)

Monday, July 25, 2005

Gold is the New Silver

Sadly, summer is starting to round out. Although it is sad, there is one good thing about the end of summer, back to school shopping!! Even if you are too old to go back to school, you can still partake in the shop-a-thon. I began reading all the August fashion magazines (yea they are already out!) this weekend and I have to tell ya, things look good!

Brown and gold are the "it" colors this year. Goodness, after I spend years building up my collection of silver (jewelry, belts, shoes, etc.), things switch back to gold. Oh well, at least I am ready next time the silver trend comes around. If anything, this shows that trends are completely cyclical!! Gold, silver, gold, silver. Maybe those futuristic shows have a point. If we all wore the blue/silver jumpsuits, we would never have to worry about the ever changing trends! What am I saying? Changing trends = changing wardrobe = shopping! Here are a few of my favorite things for the fall.

This skirt is great because you can start wearing it now! For the rest of summer, just wear it with a colorful shirt and flip flops. When the weather starts to chill, you can wear it with a sweater and boots. So versatile, a must have!(Guess)

JCrew shows this jacket paired with the belt tied around the waist. The belt adds some flare (all 15 required pieces) and brings in your waist so that you look curvy. The great thing about this combo is it can be worn over a vintage tee and jeans or with a skirt and cute top. Whatever your personal style, this combo can work for you. (JCrew)

Shrugs are soooo popular right now. I like this because it looks kinda like a shrug but actually ties around your waist instead of flapping in the wind! Plus, it is a simple and comfortable way to look really feminine and styish.(Banana Republic)
Ballet flats are still all the rage. Why not buy one great pair of brown flats that you can wear with anything? Shoe space can get tight so downsize all your flats to a few core pairs in fundamental colors. Banana Republic has a great varity of sizes and designs!!(Banana Republic)

These earrings are really fun. They are simple enough not to be overpowering but still big enough to be trendy. I love the wooden beads because they give the earrings a little bit of a bohemian feel while the stones make them look classy. I like to wear earrings like this on a bad hair/ponytail day because they take attention away from your head and refocus it on your face. (Banana Republic)

Keep an eye out for chunky rings with a gold band and colorful stones. They are fun and dress up any outfit! You can get them anywhere and in any price range. I love looking for them at art fairs because you can find some of the most amazing one-of-a-kind jewelry! (Banana Republic)

This is just the beginning of the fall trends. If you have any great finds or think that I left something out, let me know! Other than that, carpe diem.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Lets Face It

Your face is the first thing people look at. It holds all of your expressions and, in essence, makes you unique. Why else would we freak out when we get a huge zit on our nose unless we were sure people were going to notice it? Having beautiful skin takes time and effort but it is definately worth it to have a healthy glow! Here are some products that have completely changed my (and my friends') complexion for the better!


Don't let this scare you, it is truly amazing! My mom actually introduced this to me. I started using it last week and I can already tell a huge difference. I am no longer embarrassed to not wear makeup. I used to get really red and blotchy. Now, my skin looks clear and even toned without using powder or foundation! Plus, when I choose to wear makeup, it goes on alot smoother and blends better than before I used the microdermabrasion. I recommended it to a friend of mine and you could tell a difference in her skin THE NEXT DAY!! It takes about ten minutes to do and that is nothing compared to the results. Just a little tip: when washing off afterward, rinse your face thoroughly before trying to rub off the exfoliant so that you don't over exfoliate your skin. (Neutrogena)

Alpha-Hydroxy face lotion is another amazing product. The alpha-hydroxy takes off the top layer of dead skin every time you use it while reducing your break outs and firming your skin! Plus, it is non-greesy so you wont look oily all day long. Seriously, what more could you want from a moisturizer? I have really sensitive, combination skin (horrible combo!) and I have never had anything but amazing results with this product!! (Neutrogena)

My mom and I decided to have a girls' day out and go to the spa a couple weeks ago. We both decided to get facials. The cosmetologist used Dermalogica's anti-bac cooling masque on both of us. We both loved it so much that we went to the local beauty supply store and bought some! I used it a couple times since then and I still think it is awesome. It is a moisturizing mask that kills bacteria on your face and, if you want, on your chest. By killing bacteria, the masque helps prevent break outs and even out your skin tone!! (Dermalogica)


The best way to prevent wrinkles and blotches, is to stop yourself from getting them! By simply wearing a good sunscreen, you can dramatically reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. Some of you may think you are too young to worry about this but YOU AREN'T!! Most skin damage occurs before you turn 18. And don't even get me started on tanning beds!!! It is never too soon or too late to start preventing sun damage. Clinique has a great line of suncreens that are specially formulated for your face so that it wont clog your pores or leave you looking greasy. I used the Super City Block last time I went to the beach. I fell asleep and scortched my legs but, thanks to this stuff, my face was unharmed! (Clinique)

Drink water!! I know, it sounds so simple but it is extremely effective. If you drink 8 glasses of water a day, your skin will look healthier and brighter. I have such a hard time getting all my water each day. I try to buy calorie free fruity water to make it a little more exciting! Whatever it takes for you, do it! I promise you will see results. (Amos)

If you struggle with break outs (even if it is just once every 28 days, if you know what I mean) go see a dermatologist. They can prescribe mildly medicated lotions or washes that will dramatically reduce break outs. I never wanted to go to the dermatologist so my mom practically forced me! But since I started using prescription lotions, my skin has improved 100%! Like I said, you don't have to have a lot of zits to get special creme, just use it as a method of prevention. P.S. While you are there, have the dermatologist look at your moles. You may not think about it but moles tend to mutate and turn into cancer, especially if they are exposed to the sun. It is easier to have them taken off in a 5 minutes procedure then suffer the consequences later!! (trust me, I have done it 4 times!)(American Academy of Dermatology)
It is very important to keep your makeup brushes clean. You may not know it but makeup brushes and sponges carry alot of bacteria from your counters and your face. You may say, "Gross! I wash therefore I don't have bacteria everywhere!" Wrong!! If you used your brushes during a break out or to cover a zit, it has bacteria on it. Don't be alarmed! Just make sure that you wash all of your brushes and sponges on a regular basis. IVillage recommends washing them every three months. Personally (not that I am an expert or anything), I think you should wash them out about once a week or every two weeks. You can wash them with warm water and a little bit of soap or purchase brush cleaner from a place like Sephora. Washing your brushes will make them last longer and help eliminate break outs. (Sephora)

I hope this information was helpful! I am speaking from experience. Each one of these products or tricks has helped me out a ton!! Let me know what you guys think! I am always looking for new tips and products to take care of my skin. And hey, if you hate what I said, go ahead and let me know that too! Have an awesome day friends.

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